NFL Sunday Brunch: Pre-kickoff storylines for Week 3

Setting the Table

Week two was an odd one, the first of the modern era to not feature a single conference matchup. Week three brings football’s feuding families back together, with eight conference rivalries to spice up a full sixteen-game slate.

Here’s how our Sunday of football lines up.

Early Games: Offensive fireworks galore 

The game of the week might just be the matchup of two unbeatens in the AFC East, the New England Patriots and the … Buffalo Bills? Really?

Yes, the Bills became America’s darling of the AFC after an incredible come-from-behind-several-times 38-35 victory over the Raiders that wasn’t even officially over until ten minutes after the teams left the field. Moreover, with 35 second-half points, Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Bills might be one of the few teams in the league capable of going toe to toe with the ultra-elite Patriots offense.

Unfortunately, most of the country won’t get to see it without DirecTV, as the early game NFL coverage map for week 3 is a patchwork of matchups. But Houston-New Orleans and Giants-Eagles should entertain as well.

Of course, we’ll have breaking news throughout the day, and our Reactor article up as soon as these early games finish, so you won’t feel like you’ve missed a thing.

Afternoon Games: Hope you like cheese

Most of America will be watching as Jay Cutler tries to stay upright, and tries even harder to look like he doesn’t care as he picks himself up off the turf.

The Bears-Packers broadcast dominates the map, and will be dominating the Sunday evening game coverage, most likely. You know, storied franchises, reigning Super Bowl champs, and an opportunity for studio announcers to point out how much Jay Cutler deserves a big punch in the face from every one of his fans.

The scripts have already been written for this one. But Chicago could certainly make things interesting if they play like they did against the Falcons in week 1…

Prime Time: Really? This is it? 

Normally, I have separate sections for the late game and the “stinker of the week.” This week, they’re one and the same, as the pitiful Colts face off against the rapidly aging Steelers. I’ve seen bums fighting over a hot grate with more energy and gusto than this.

It’s notable that NBC doesn’t have the ability to “flex” their prime time games early in the season, like they do in November and December when the stakes start rising. Depending on the ratings this dud gets, that policy may change.

But we’ll watch it, because after all, we could be locked out right now like NBA fans, and wondering which of our favorite players is heading to China.


Peeking into the Future: Monday Night’s Matchup 

The Dallas-Washington matchups used to be a favorite of football broadcasters everywhere. But then both teams stopped making the playoffs for most of the last decade or so, tarnishing the luster a little bit. This year’s matchup is a good one, though, featuring an unbeaten upstart, a new American hero, and more drama than you can shake a Hollywood script at.

Most of the world expects Rex Grossman to wake up any minute now, look in the mirror and realize he’s the same Rex Grossman that has pretty much sucked at professional football. So far it hasn’t happened, though, and he actually has a pretty favorable matchup again this week as Dallas comes in pretty banged up.

If Grossy reaches 3-0, the delerium in Washington might actually be more pronounced outside the walls of Congress than inside. And that’s saying something.


Game-day Treat: Beer-Cheese-Bacon Cupcakes. 

Yes, you read that right.

All of those things that you love in one thing.

That you eat.

At least, that’s what this recipe promises. It sounds either really disgusting or like the best thing ever. If anyone out there is brave enough to try making these, let us know how they turned out.