NFL Week 13 Recap: I Know It’s Only Rock N Roll But I Like It!

Green Bay 38, New York 35 – Tribute by Tenacious D

The Green Bay Packers are the greatest team in the world right now and this is their tribute. While the Packers tell you they plan on taking it one game at a time, there is no doubt that they will try and go for the infamous “perfect” season.

The ’72 Dolphins need to start getting worried.  This was the one game remaining on the Packers’ regular season schedule that many thought they could lose. The only question is what challenges await this team in the playoffs.

While Eli Manning did lead his team down the field to tie the game, there was one problem: he left time on the clock and he was playing Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers silenced the haters, if he even has any, and went down the field with ease to lead the Pack to a game-winning field goal and a 12-0 record.

There isn’t any doubt that Aaron Rodgers is playing like the best player in the NFL this year.

Denver 35, Minnesota 32 – All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled

I really did not want to resort to rap in this segment, however this song and Tim Tebow match up too well.

Many have said the defense has been the main reason for the Broncos’ resurgence. But with Von Miller out of the lineup they did not have their best game, giving up 32 points to a Vikings team playing without Adrian Peterson. It was thanks to the arm of Tim Tebow that the Broncos jumped into the division lead.

If I told you a couple of months ago that Tebow could be a pro bowler and the Broncos might be a playoff team, you would have slapped me in the face. However as scary as it is, that might be a possibility now.

Houston 17, Atlanta 10 – Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor

No matter who is injured or who is playing, the Texans have had a “next man up” philosophy. The Texans have been a resilient bunch.

Rookie QB TJ Yates filled in pretty nicely doing just enough to make sure the Texans came out victorious. Even another hamstring injury for Andre Johnson didn’t faze the young QB. At 9-3, the Texans are in the running for one of the top two seeds in the AFC. They could certainly use that bye week to get much needed reps and maybe a little healthier.

Atlanta has been a disappointment this year and despite their efforts to improve their offense, it would appear this team is going to have to battle hard if they want to be a playoff team.

Miami 34, Oakland 14 – For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield

It has been a very frustrating year for Miami Dolphins fans. The team starts off 0-7 and has the look of an all-time bad team, then a light turns on and they win 4 out of their last 5 games including 3 blow outs. The Dolphins have continued to fight for their coach and in the process made Carson Palmer and the Raiders a victim.

With San Diego struggling, the Raiders had a real chance to take control of this division. However, they really let this opportunity split and they came out completely flat against the Dolphins.

Dare I say the Dolphins are one of the scariest teams in the league to face right now! So for what it’s worth to Dolphins fans, at least this new team looks like a playoff team.