10 Interesting Statistics Entering Week 10

Every team in the National Football League has reached the midway point of 2012. As the second half of the season gets underway, here's a look at 10 statistics that stand out thus far.

232: That's how many first downs the New England Patriots have registered on offense this season, a number that is 16 percent higher than the next-best team in the league in this category. When the Patriots went 16-0 and broke the single-season team points record in 2007, they had 393 first downs. This year, they're on pace to pick up 462 of them. 

34.2: That's how many points per game the Tennessee Titans are allowing nine games into the season. If that holds up, they'll break the single-season record for points allowed (533 for the 1981 Baltimore Colts). The Titans are on pace to allow 547 points this season. 

5.6: That's how many yards per carry the San Francisco 49ers are averaging on offense this season, which has never been done before over the course of an entire season, at least since the merger. The Detroit Lions averaged 5.5 yards per carry in 1997 and the Atlanta Falcons hit that same mark in 2006.

5.7: That's how many yards per carry the Buffalo Bills are allowing this season on defense, which has also never been done before over the course of an entire season since the merger. In fact, no team has ever given up more than 5.3 yards per rushing attempt before.

58: That's how many turnovers the Kansas City Chiefs are on pace to commit this year, which would be tied for the second-highest total in NFL history. Somehow, the 1978 49ers found a way to give the ball away 63 times. Also of note: The 1974 Falcons turned it over 55 times…in only 14 games.

72: That's how many sacks the Arizona Cardinals are on pace to give up this season, which would be tied for the fourth-highest total in NFL history. Remember when David Carr was demolished over and over again as a rookie in 2002? The Texans surrendered 76 sacks that season. 

692: That's how many passes Matthew Stafford is on pace to throw this season, which would be an all-time high, breaking Drew Bledsoe's record of 691 in 1994.

22.9: That's how many points NFL teams are scoring on a per-game basis this season, which if it holds up would make this the highest-scoring season of all time. The current record in that category is 22.2 in 2011, followed by 22.0 in 2010. Scoring is increasing year after year. Teams are also averaging a 238.4 yards per game, which would also be an all-time high. 

86.3: That's the league's combined field goal success rate this season. The all-time high for a single season is 84.5 in 2008. Kickers are more automatic than ever nowadays. The top nine most accurate field goal kicking seasons in NFL history: 2012, 2008, 2011, 2007, 2010, 2006, 2009, 2005, 2004.

3: That's how many extra points have been missed this season. Six were missed in 2008 and seven were missed last season, so this year could give us an all-time low in that category. Why even bother kicking these things anymore?

Brad Gagnon

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