5 rookies with the most to prove

The NFL has long come and go and most rookies are either signed or in the last stages of negotiating the final obstacles in their contracts. With that being said there are many newcomers to the NFL that have lots to prove. Whether you’re the Andrew Luck with pro bowl expectations or Bruce Irvin trying to prove you weren’t a draft day reach, most of the rookies are looking forward to proving their skills on the field.

The following is a list of the 5 rookies with the most to prove.

1) Andrew Luck

Comparisons to former Stanford QB John Elway, buzz that he is the next great QB Andrew Luck probably has more pressure on him than any other rookie in the league. While Luck will probably get somewhat of a year of low expectations due to a lacklustre roster, with the success Cam Newton in his rookie year, puts the pressure and all eyes on Andrew Luck from his first snap.

2) Bruce Irvin

Most people either laughed or questioned when the Seahawks potentially reached on the outside linebacker Bruce Irvin.

Bruce Irvin will have a chance to prove his critics wrongs on the field and he should be making an impact on 3rd down from year one.

3) Ryan Tannehill

1st round talent or not? Most scouts had varying opinions on Tannehill and whether he is the talent the Dolphins perceive him to be. The name Dan Marino is something that Ryan will be hearing in most of his south Florida interviews. Ryan Tannehill is the first 1st round QB drafted by the Dolphins since Dan Marino and certainly will have a lot of pressure on him.

Tannehill has already stated he knows almost 80% of the playbook. That led David Garrard to say he has never been around where a rookie knows the offense better then the vets.

4) Quinton Coples

The Coples pick by the Jets came with much criticism as Coples has been seen with a guy who has a questionable motor and doesn’t always bring it on every play. The Jets are hoping he brings an immediate impact to their pass rush.

Coples character has been questioned which is the last thing the Jets locker room needs. Jets fans are hoping Colples is not the next Vernon Gholston.

5) Brandon Weeden

The 28 year old QB has basically been given the keys of the Browns offense and will have to run with it. Weeden will be given his shot to succeed, but soon he will have to take care of his grandchildren so hopefully his success will come early.

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