5 under the radar story lines from night one of the NFL draft

As NFL fans around the league psyched themselves up about the newest players on their team and an exciting first night of the NFL draft there are a couple of story lines that might have gone a little under the radar.

1) Mo Claiborne being shocked by the Cowboys

While every by now knows that the Cowboys found themselves a very talented corner, some might not have realized until last night that Mo Claiborne’s whole family are Cowboys fans. Claiborne had no contact with the Boys prior to the draft and was pleasantly surprised when he heard his phone ringing from his childhood team.

2) Ryan Tannehill’s wife

While many fans are excited the Dolphins ended a 13 year long streak of passing on first round QB’s, there are other fans that are more excited to have Lauren Tannehill headed to Miami.

3) RG3 socks

While we all know RG3 has swag on the field, he has displayed now time after time that his swag is matched off the field. Deion Sanders did a mini fashion show with RG3 at the draft showing off RG3’s kicks and socks.

4) Bruce Irvin? Reach?

While most people criticized this pick, some might not know that Pete Carroll knows Bruce Irvin quite well and clearly has faith in his pass rushing abilities.

5) Network battle ( ESPN vs NFLN, Mayock vs Kiper)

While ESPN might be a sports monopoly, come draft season they head to head with NFL Network fighting for fan viewership. It will be interesting to see who will win the ratings battle by the time the draft ends. Both networks have very strong staff assembled with Mel Kiper leading ESPN and Mike Mayock captaining NFL Network,

For the record, I watch NFLN because being a Dolphins fan the sight of Bill Parcells makes me sick.

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