AFC playoff teams set; Colts, Bengals get in

Despite all the close games across the AFC, the playoff teams have been finalized, and it's now simply a matter of seeding heading into week 17.

The Colts were knotted up with the Kansas City Chiefs for much of the second half, but they were able to put the ball in the endzone one last time in the fourth quarter, giving them the 20-13 win, a putting them into the playoffs just a season after a 2-14 start.

The Bengals and the Steelers also spent much of their game knotted up, but a late Ben Roethlisberger interception led to a go-ahead field goal with just four seconds left in the game.

The Texans opened themselves up to possibly failing to qualify for a first round bye week by dropping their game to the Vikings. The Loss gives the Broncos and the Patriots a shot at the top seed in the playoffs.

The Ravens play a pivotal game against the Giants this evening. If the Ravens fail to top the Giants, next week's matchup between the Ravens and the Bengals will be the de-facto AFC North championship game with the winner gaining at least one home game in the playoffs.

The six AFC teams are set, but there's likely to be some movement in the standings between now and wildcard weekend.

Shane Clemons

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