Another non-contending Bills teams heads to Canada

Week 15, a make or break week for many teams around the league should make for another entertaining week of football. That being said for the fans north of the boarder they have yet another lack luster game ahead of them.

Since 2008 the NFL has gone to Toronto every year with the “Home Team” Bills 1-3 so far. The original 5 year contract the NFL did in Toronto has lead to attendances on average of 50-52,000 fans. This year they lowered ticket prices in hopes of a bigger crowd. The Toronto NFL experience isn’t quite what fans in the US are use to as the game doesn’t exactly have the same home field advantage that the Bills normally get in Ralph Wilson Stadium.

For the 5th straight year the Toronto crowd will see a non playoff Bills team and very possible finish the Toronto series at 1-4. Bills fans can argue that they lose a home field advantage with this game but the NFL seems stubborn on trying to create a bigger fan base internationally including Canada.

In a recent poll by they discovered that the actual most popular team in Canada is the Minnesota Vikings followed by the Seattle Seahawks.

The Bills experiment to Toronto has been far from a huge success.

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