Are the Vikings now Percy Harvin’s team?

While the Vikings have got everyone’s attention with a very impressive (4-1) start, there might be something that has gone under the radar over in Minnesota. It appears there is a little changing of the guard as the team has switched focus from all day Adrian Peterson’s team to the electric Percy Harvin’s team.

Recently Harvin received praised from Redskins defensive coordinator this week saying that Harvin might be the best athlete in the NFL. Harvin also got some respect in the media from Pete Prisco saying “Percy Harvin is an MVP candidate. There, I said it. He won't win it, but what he's doing in Minnesota is special.”

It doesn’t end there for Harvin, who had his QB said of the young star, "He might be the best player in the NFL right now,”.  AP himself chimed in saying Percy Harvin is "the best player I've played with.”

So clearly Harvin is having no trouble gaining himself praise for his elevated game but is it too far to say the Vikings are his team.

Harvin unlike AP has the uncanny ability to take control of the ball game in almost every aspect of the game. Harvin is an elite and electric returner, can be used as a tailback, operates very well in bubble screens and slats and still possess the talent to go outside and strive as a WR.

There really isn’t much Harvin can’t and doesn’t do for this Vikings team.

While AP is still one of the league’s best back and one of the hardest players to bring down in the NFL, you could even make the argument that Harvin with his brilliant moves, electric speed and “slip and slide away from tackles” factor might be the NFL’s hardest player to tackle. 

Harvin currently ranks 11th in the NFL in passing targets with 48 on the season, add 13 rushes and a bunch of kick returners and Harvin is one of the most heavily utilized offensive players in the league.

Adrian Peterson however only has received over 20 carries 2 out of the 5 games this season. Peterson doesn’t not seem to be the workhorse the Vikings use to need him to be. While you could make the argument that AP is coming off a serious injury and the Vikings are being cautious still all indications point to Harvin being the leader and main focus of the offense.

Shane Clemons

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