Ben Roethlisberger blames field turf for causing David DeCastro’s injury

The Pittsburgh Steelers may once again be dealing with a banged up offensive line. Last night, rookie right guard David DeCastro tore his MCL while pass blocking on the Steelers' second possession of the game. Adam Schefter reports that the team is hopeful the rookie didn't tear his ACL. If his ACL escaped injury, DeCastro could be back about half way through the season.

These types of injuries are unfortunate, but they're also a part of the game. That didn't stop Ben Roethlisberger from telling the NFL Network who he thought the culprit responsible for the injury was,

It’s just FieldTurf — this is a great field, but FieldTurf is just killing guys because they can’t get their feet out of the ground. It’s just another reason we should get rid of FieldTurf.

It's hard to hate field turf, but I can understand where Roethlisberger is coming from. If you've ever had the pleasure of playing a pickup game of football on field turf, you know that it makes any average Joe feel like he can make any cut on a dime.

It's impossible to tell whether the field turf at Ralph Wilson Stadium is directly responsible for DeCastro's knee injury, but it does provide a scapegoat for an unfortunate incident. Field turf isn't going anywhere soon, and players will have to deal with it, even if it means a few more guys have to be carted off the field. Field turf is here to stay.

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