Bills invite trick shot artist to minicamp

Trick shot videos are always popular on Youtube. Whether you’re throwing basketballs, discs, or footballs, they’re fun to watch and involve tricks that often defy all logic — something they have in common with the Buffalo Bills in many instances.

Imagine my delight when I ran across the news that the Bills had invited Division III Monmouth College quarterback Alex Tanney to minicamp. I’m not excited because the Bills are taking a look at a small college guy. I’m excited because this guy could hit a receiver in the back of a moving truck, throwing the ball through a window — literally.

Obviously, trick shot videos take a huge number of takes to complete, but it’s impressive none-the-less that anyone being given any number of takes can make some of the throws in the video above.

It’s not likely that Tanney actually sticks in Buffalo and even less likely he ever starts a game for the Bills, but accuracy is the most important facet of being a quarterback in the NFL, and Tanney clearly displays in the video he can make some very impressive throws. The Bills are likely trying to determine if he can make sound decisions on top of those spot on throws. In a league where having a quarterback comes before anything else, you’re willing to take them wherever you can find them. Maybe, just maybe, the Bills found one on Youtube.

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