Browns, Chiefs, Jaguars lead race for first overall pick

The NFL is all about finding a franchise quarterback, and many of the bottom dwellers of the NFL are in the process of finding out exactly what type of signal caller they have.

In particular, the Browns Chiefs and Jaguars are trying to find out exactly what they have. The Chiefs looked completely flat in their blowout loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Although Matt Cassel was out of commission today, Brady Quinn looked a lot like a carbon copy of the embattled quarterback, throwing two interceptions that helped the Buccaneers seal the game away before it ever got interesting.

In similar fashion, the Jaguars are trying to find out what they have in second year quarterback Blaine Gabbert. Gabbert was awful last season, and he hasn't looked much better this season either. Also like the Chiefs, the Jaguars fell apart last week against the Bears, although to their credit, it did take an entire half for the wheels to come off the wagon.

Then there's the Browns. Cleveland picked up their first win of the season today against their in-state rival, the Cincinnati Bengals. The Browns are in a very unique position. While it's still very likely they'll have a top five pick in next April's draft, it's equally as unlikely that they'll pick a quarterback. The Brandon Weeden era has just begun in Cleveland, and even though the losses are piling up, Weeden has shown a lot of talent in the pocket, and he's certainly not gun shy.

These three teams are at the bottom of the standings, and unlike some of their fellow bottom dwellers, they haven't shown much fight in recent weeks, save for today's game between the Browns and Bengals. The Browns would be able to leverage the first overall pick of the draft if that's where they wind up picking, but the Chiefs and the Jaguars seem destined to pick new quarterbacks for themselves. It's all a matter of who finishes their season in worse shape. The race is on for the top pick of next year's draft, and these are your front runners.

Shane Clemons

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