Browns pick up Josh Gordon with 2013 2nd round pick

The Josh Gordon sweepstakes are over for the 2012 supplemental draft, and the Cleveland Browns are the winner, offering up their 2nd round pick of 2013 to snag the former Baylor wideout.

Gordon will complete a trio of young rookies expected to bring the Browns boring offense back to the highlight reel. He joins rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden and rookie running back Trent Richardson in the Browns’ effort to resurrect the 29th worst offense in the league.

A second round pick is a very steep, and risky, price to pay for a player that hasn’t seen live action since 2010. The consensus I was hearing was that someone would jump to the lead with a 3rd round offering to bring in Gordon, but there was little indication that a team would actually spend such a high pick on such a risky player.

The spotlight around Cleveland will now likely shift to Gordon. If he pans out as a solid option for Brandon Weeden, there’s little doubt we’ll all forget about the steep price the Browns paid to bring him in. If, however, he turns into a bust or a problem player, the Browns will be thrown tumbling under the proverbial bus, and rightly so. Only time will tell us if it was a wise pick, but spending a 2nd round pick on such a risky acquisition of talent has s-t-r-e-t-c-h written all over it.

Shane Clemons

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