Coaches that can still save their jobs with two weeks to go

As the NFL season winds down, you'll hear a lot of talk about coaches on the hot seat. Some of those guys might as well already be out the door while others still have a shot at saving their own hides. The following are coaches fighting to keep their jobs in the last two weeks of the season.

Jim Schwartz: The Lions have been one of the least disciplined teams on a football field all year long, and it shows in their 4-10 record. Still, Schwartz seems to be a popular coach, especially after last year's playoff birth, and a pair of wins to end a very forgettable season would go a long way towards keeping him in town.

Rex Ryan: The Jets are 6-8, and they're now out of the playoff race. It sounds as if Sanchez will be watching next weekend's game from the bench. If the Jets can get their way back to .500 and successfully blame their woes on Mark Sanchez's performance this season, Rex Ryan may stay in New York for another year.

Ken Whisenhunt: The Cardinals dominated the Lions on Sunday, showing that Arizona hasn't given up quite yet. Whisenhunt is truly on the bubble, and it's not hard to make a case for keeping him. He's had no quarterback all season long, and this is the same guy that led the Cardinal's only trip to a Super Bowl.

Ron Rivera: No one is quite sure to expect from the Panthers on any given Sunday, but right now, the Panthers are playing very well. The only problem is that they're playing well in meaningless games. My gut feeling is that he'll be back for one more season, but expectations will be higher than ever in 2013.

Jason Garrett: The Cowboys control their own destiny coming down the stretch once again in 2012, but this time, it'll probably take a playoff birth for Garrett to keep his job. Jerry Jones can't exactly fire himself as GM, even though the roster he's put together hasn't done the Cowboys' coaches any favors. For Garrett, it's very simple. Make the playoffs, keep your job.

Chan Gailey: The Bills were competitive early in the season, but they fell flat in the latter half. Still, a pair of wins may be just enough to earn Gailey one more year as the Bills' head coach.

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