Colts Release Head Coach Jim Caldwell

Jim CaldwellThe Indianapolis Colts released head coach Jim Caldwell according to a story just posted on No further details were given. 

Team owner Jim Irsay telegraphed the news via Twitter.

Jim Irsay @JimIrsay

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The move is the expected second shoe to drop after the team released long-time president Bill Polian and son Chris Polian. A fair question to ask, though, is why they waited this long. Could there be other shoes dropping in regards to the naming of a new GM or coach shortly? Could the Colts be targeting a coordinator from a team recently (and surprisingly) deposed from the playoffs?

Indianapolis finished the season 2-14 without ace quarterback Peyton Manning who missed the entire season. The Colts might be forgiven for missing the playoffs without Manning. But, the team was woefully unprepared for life after Peyton. You can lay that at the Polian’s feet. The team also made poor use of the talent on hand. Caldwell paid the ultimate price for that.

Now with the team fully in transition, and Peyton Manning with a rather large roster bonus coming up in march, Manning could be next to go. Next season, only the blue horseshoe may remain to remind fans that this is the same football team.

Irsay scheduled a press conference for 4:00 PM ET today to formally announce the news.

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