Count on Tebow finishing for the Jets on Monday night

Fate, it seems, has conspired against Mark Sanchez.

It all started when the Jets traded for Tim Tebow this offseason. The trade fell through, and it appeared as though the Jaguars, a natural fit for Tebow by most peoples' account, would swipe Tebow out from under the Jets. It never happened, and the Jets were able to fix the deal, bringing in Tebow.

The Jets have had a rough start to their season, culminating in a shutout loss to the San Francisco 49ers. In the process of that game, the Jets lost their best receiver and appeared without a trigger man.

Now, the Jets have to host arguably the best team in the league on national television. The Jets will be starting Mark Sanchez, but my instincts tell me that Tim Tebow will be closing out the game for the Jets.

The Houston Texans are currently fielding the best defense in the league, and they rank second in pass defense. This is a trap game for Mark Sanchez. He's without weapons, and once the Texans shut down the Jets' running game, and they will, they'll be teeing off on Sanchez every play. This one could be ugly.

Everyone knows once Sanchez is benched, there's no going back, but the season ending injury to Santonio Holmes virtually took away any hope of staying the course with Sanchez. Even with a great quarterback, the Jets' passing attack would struggle. The simple fact is that this team needs to rely on the running game, something Tim Tebow is very prolific with.

It's still early for me to be making weekend predictions, but this is one I'll go ahead and throw out there. The Jets will pull Mark Sanchez on Monday Night Football, and the Tim Tebow era in New York will begin.

Shane Clemons

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