Dolphins, Colts to meet in a game nobody thought would mean anything

This week believe it or not The Indianapolis Colts take on the Miami Dolphins in what could be a game with serious playoff implication. Both teams coming off big wins and holding 4-3 records currently have playoff spots. If the season were to end to the Dolphins would finish 5th and with the Colts rounding out the final playoff spot in the AFC.

Despite very low expectations for both teams, it seems both teams have critics thinking twice.  The Dolphins playing excellent defense along with solid consistent play from rookie Ryan Tannehill have looked like one of the more impressive teams in the AFC. An argument can be made that aside from the Texans, the Dolphins is playing better than any unit in the AFC.

On the other side of the ball Ryan Tannehill has been much better than expected as it seems he doesn’t require the year or 2 of development that many thought would be necessary.  Behind their cool but confident coach, playoff discussion isn’t such a reach. With a schedule that see’s Buffalo twice, Jacksonville, Tennessee and upcoming battle against the Colts, if the Dolphins can win the games they are “suppose” to it wouldn’t be too shocking if this team can string together 9 or 10 wins when it’s all said and done.

The Dolphins opponents this week have themselves quite the impressive rookie QB as well.  Andrew Luck has not disappointed as the number 1 pick. The team has rallied behind the young rookie and while there are definite holes on this team, they have still found a way to win ball games. The Colts are a young gritty team who have done a good job paying respect to their head coach Chuck Pagano who has to be inspired to beat his battle of cancer while watching his team play on Sundays.

As week 9 is around the corner, when going up and down the schedule there isn’t as many exciting games as the Dolphins vs. Colts game.  While it is still not clear whether Ryan Tannehill will suit up this week after bruising his hip and thigh last week, it would certainly be exciting to see the two top 10 picks go head to head.

Watch out, because as shocking as it is, the winner of this game sets themselves up very nicely in the AFC playoff picture.

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