Drew Brees continues to hurt his own image

I used to like Drew Brees. He genuinely seemed like a good guy, but his actions and opinions since last year’s lockout have led me in the opposite direction.

Despite a huge amount of evidence to the contrary, Drew Brees continues to insist that the Saints have been the target of improper punishment by the NFL, saying at a recent press conference,

“I would say what we’ve been accused of in regards to pay for injury is not the case.”

First of all, Drew Brees is a quarterback. I understand that members of the press continue to ask questions about bountygate, but Brees must be smarter than this. If he were a member of the defense, maybe he would have an excuse and a forum to talk about bountygate, but as the face of the Saints and the team’s quarterback, he just needs to stay out of it.

This isn’t the first controversial statement Brees has made in regards to the punishments handed down by the NFL. Brees questioned the league’s decision in suspending Sean Payton on Twitter back in March.

I understand that Brees is passionate about the Saints and rightly so, but the Saints were caught instituting one of the most malicious programs in recent sports history. I understand that similar programs have historically existed at the informal level on many teams, but this isn’t the NFL of yesteryear. Now, it’s all about making the game as safe as possible. There’s no reason for anyone, including Brees, to believe that the Saints have been treated unfairly.

In my mind, this is an issue that simply comes down to sportsmanship. The Saints were caught, and now they’re paying for their past sins. They need to move on with the business of football in 2012 as best as they can, and that starts by accepting their punishment and looking forward. Drew Brees needs to realize that he’s not helping the Saints’ cause everytime he says that he doesn’t understand why the Saints are being punished so harshly. Serious Brees, just put your head down and ignore every question about bountygate from here on out. That’s the best piece of advice anyone can give you.

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