Eagles avoid disaster in Cleveland

The Eagles were once again anointed at the beginning of the preseason as the "team to beat" in the NFC East. For the remainder of the week, we'll get to hear analysts backing off and distancing themselves from those claims.

The Eagles narrowly avoided an embarrassing and disastrous loss in Cleveland. Down 16-10 with less than 2:00 left to play, Vick through what should have been an interception, giving the ball back to the Browns and potentially ending the Eagles' comeback effort.

That's not what happened. The defender dropped the pass, and Vick made the Browns pay by throwing a go-ahead touchdown on the next play. Brandon Weeden was quickly intercepted on the Browns' last ditch drive, and the Eagles got out of Ohio with a win.

Maybe, just maybe week 1 is too early to declare playoff teams in the NFL. That being said, the Eagles have plenty of work to do in the coming week. The Browns took them to the brink of defeat while Brandon Weeden was completing 12 of his 35 passes with no touchdowns and 4 interceptions.

This game should have been a blow out. Instead, the Eagles should just be thankful for what will probably be one of the ugliest wins of the year.

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