Eagles stare accusingly at Michael Vick and Andy Reid


No one in Philadelphia says "Dream Team" anymore. The Eagles booted at the end of the season the player who uttered those words. Persistent ugly wins and an uglier home loss to the Detroit Lions has the Eagles owner and fans in a foul mood. (No pun intended.)

There are whispers about Andy Reid and Michael Vick's job security. Open tweets by respected writers like Adam Schefter will convert that to a dull roar.

The 3-3 Eagles are bunched in a tight NFC East division race. They are still loaded and the favorite to win the Beast, but nothing about their play, or play calling, has the look of a team capable of a deep playoff run.

The players are playing for Andy Reid's job. Perhaps they are trying too hard. Or not hard enough.

Reid is one of the drivers of the NFL's passing culture. He's been accused of over-relying on QB Michael Vick and under-using RB LeSean McCoy. That's not entirely true.

McCoy is one of the league's best rushers. The Eagles fed him the ball a mere 14 times in yesterday's loss. The Lions were fierce in defending against McCoy's rushing. He caught seven passes including a touchdown reception. The Eagles' season 56 to 44 pass to run mix is within the range of a balanced attack.

Vick's contract is not ironclad. If he is on the roster February 6, 2012, that's three days after the Super Bowl, $3 million of his $16 million salary becomes fully guaranteed. If the Eagles release him before that date, they take no financial or salary cap hit.

Mr. Vick, it seems, must be in the Super Bowl, to assure his spot on the team.

Anthony Brown

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