Ed Reed reports to camp for the Ravens

As was expected by his head coach, Ed Reed has reported to camp dispelling rumors that he could hold out. Reed has been forward about wanting a new contract as he enters the final year of his deal worth $7.2 million.

Reed’s situation is far different from most holdout scenarios due to the perception that Ed Reed will retire sooner rather than later. The position gives him added leverage by appearing to give him the option of simply walking away from the game altogether, something the Ravens sincerely hope he doesn’t do.

Reed is only 33, but injuries have hampered his career significantly. It’s likely that any contract extension he signs would be his last contract as an NFL player, but he’s still playing at a very high level, allowing him to collect a handsome salary in the years leading up to his eventual retirement.

Since entering the league in 2002, Reed has been on the receiving end of 57 interceptions as well as forcing 11 fumbles and recovering 7 fumbles. In short, the man is the best ball hawking safety in the league, and the Ravens want his services as long as they can keep them.

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