Has Hard Knocks lost its appeal?

Chad Johnson has come and gone and so too has all his nationwide interest.  The Dolphins still have 2 episodes left of this seasons Hard Knocks and one has to think if they might have lost their national appeal. The second episode which featured Chad Johnson's release was one that had anticipation from the whole NFL world. The episode drew in buzz that led to the second highest Hard Knocks episode ever, garnering just short of 1 million viewers. That number was considerably strong considering it went against the Olympics that evening.

That being said, where is the interest level now for the Dolphins. The QB competition, the last mildly entertaining storyline has now been established as the rookie Ryan Tannehill was able to beat out journeymen Matt Moore.

With two episodes to go, there isn’t much that can interest a national audience. The Dolphins feature a team with few divas or flashy names. Other than Reggie Bush, the Dolphins are a pretty low profile team who had struggled with mediocrity the past few seasons.  That being said, there will still be the hardcore football fan who loves the opportunity to see the behind the scenes of how exactly a football team is run.

Here at TGS, we do offer some advice to the Hard Knocks crew in terms of how they might be able to boost ratings for the last two episodes.

1) Feature Lauren Tannehill as much as they possibly can.

Lauren is the more of popular, better looking member of the Tannehill family.

2) More Richie Incognito 

The dude is a lose canon who is sure to entertain. Surely people remember his craziness from his days with the Rams and Bills.

3) Less Jeff Ireland

Let’s be real here no one likes Jeff Ireland

4) More Seinfeld one liners from Joe Philbin

5) And even more Lauren Tannehill

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