HBO still looking to use the Jets on “Hard Knocks”

According to the New York Daily News, the Jets are still in play to once again be featured on HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series. The good people at HBO clearly know what their fans want. The dynamic of Mark Sanchez fighting to keep his job as Tim Tebow tries to unseat him makes for hours of great television, but everyone’s not on board.

Rex Ryan and Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum  have both expressed reservations about allowing HBO back on the scene. Ryan and Tennenbaum are right on spot about wanting to keep HBO out. The Jets are currently one of the most dysfunctional organizations in the NFL, and putting their problems on a national display probably isn’t the best way to fix their locker room issues.

Owner Woody Johnson, however, is on board with the idea. Johnson is clearly looking at this issue from a business perspective. The Jets have always been New York’s second team, and Johnson seems willing to do almost anything to get a foot up on the Giants, including potentially amplifying his own team’s troubles.

The Jets are not the only remaining option “Hard Knocks,” but they are almost certainly the most compelling. The Jets’ final decision on whether to participate in “Hard Knocks” will give us a glimpse into Woody Johnson’s priorities. Should he decide to keep “Hard Knocks” away from the Jets, we can safely say that Johnson wants to put the best possible team on the field. If, however, things go the opposite direction, his priorities could be called into question.

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