Is the Steelers’ throwback uniform the worst ever?

Since Nike unveiled its version of NFL uniforms, teams have been working on their alternate uniforms. The Steelers may have picked the ugliest, most repulsive uniforms in the history of the league to be their alternates.

I’m a huge fan of the throwback uniform — when that throwback is actually a cool design. For example, I’d love to see the Broncos pull out their old-era uniforms a couple times  a year or for special team dates. The Steelers’ jerseys, however, should have never been made, and the fact that they’re actually going to wear these things at some point blows my mind.

Since the jerseys were revealed, I’ve been wondering. Are these the ugliest uniforms of all time? Well, as the answer turns out, they just might be.


The Steelers face tough competition for the distinction of the ugliest uniforms ever. Remember those throwbacks I thought the Broncos should use from time to time? Well, Denver has another set of throwbacks that I have a profoundly different opinion of. You may recall these brown and yellow excuses for uniforms they donned back in 2009.

So the decision is up to you. Are the Steelers new threads the worst of all time, or do the Broncos’ putrid throwbacks take the cake? That’s a decision I’ll leave up to you, the reader. As for me, I’m just going to try to not go blind from staring at these throwbacks to long.

Also, drop a comment ifl you find good pictures of worthy NFL throwback uniforms — or really any entertaining throwbacks for that matter.

Shane Clemons

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