It’s not easy being a Dolphins fan

Jeff_IrelandKermit the frog once sang “It’s not easy being green,” well the song might have to be changed to its not easy being a fan of the “aqua and orange.” For second straight off-season the Dolphins have become the laughing stock of the NFL even surpassing the Raiders.

Whether it was a failed attempt at landing now 49ers head coach John Harbaugh, a swing and a miss on Jeff Fisher or Peyton Manning not wanting to join the Dolphins not matter how much money he was offered.  The list of embarrassments doesn’t end there as it is not truly clear whether it was the Dolphins who passed on Matt Flynn or it was Flynn who shunned the Dolphins, but either way, the Dolphins are still left without a franchise QB.

The combination of Jeff Ireland and Stephen Ross have sorely hurt the Dolphins name as a brand and reputation.

Whether its SI’s Peter King who says “In the history of NFL general managers, Ireland is on the coldest streak ever. He needs to do something right.” (on Ireland)

Or it’s current NFL player Ryan Clark who said, “No one wants to go to the Miami Dolphins,” putting most of the blame on GM Jeff Ireland.

Even the Dolphins fan base has lashed out on Ireland as most Miami fans have changed their twitter avatars to  and are planning a protest at the practice facility in Davie tomorrow at 1pm.

While many fans hold Stephen Ross responsible due to his lack of football knowledge and obsession with celebrities and money, Dolphins Palm Beach Post reporter tweeted:

Not only has there been wide spread embarrassed from the National media but the problem still remains the same that since Dan Mario the Dolphins STILL have not found a franchise QB and also are left with the problem of finding a number 1 WR now after trading away Brandon Marshall.

While it might be difficult to hear I think there is only one thing the Dolphins fans can do and that is stay the course and leave their trust in new head coach Joe Philbin. Many teams in the past have been built through the draft (Philbin’s Green Bay Packers included) and there is  always hope Ryan Tannehill or Brandon Weeden can come to save the day for the Dolphins.

While I will admit Ireland’s moves are highly questionable and sometimes idiotic and without explanation when you’re a fan it is important to stay loyal until the end, even if you’re GM has called players mothers prostitutes.

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