Jaguars claim Jason Babin off waivers

As expected, Jason Babin didn't make it to free agency after being waived by the Philadelphia Eagles. According to the NFL Network, the Jacksonville Jaguars have claimed Babin.

In claiming Babin, the Jaguars will have to pick up the $1.69 million left on Babin's contract for the year, as well as assuming his former contract with the Eagles.

Babin should help the Jaguars establish a pass rush as well as adding more depth to their defensive line.

Babin has 53.5 sacks in his career, dating back to his days with the Houston Texans. The Jaguars will be his sixth team. Babin had two stints with the Eagles.

It's unclear how quickly Babin will work his way into the Jaguars lineup or how much he'll play in his few games with the team, but the Jaguars effectively have five games to evaluate his performance. If he's a flop, they'll simply release him in the offseason. If he sticks, the Jaguars just had a great defensive lineman fall into their laps.

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