Jets bring in Tebow, controversy with Broncos trade

Jets fans are waking up this morning, many for the first time, as fans of Tim Tebow. Tebowmania was reignited by the Broncos when they signed Peyton Manning to be their starting quarterback.

The story only got better as the Jets seemingly completed a trade to acquire Tim Tebow yesterday afternoon, but they apparently didn’t read Tebow’s contract thoroughly, resulting in a $5 million dispute with the Broncos that nearly derailed the trade altogether.

To complicate matters. The Jacksonville Jaguars jumped back in the trade race for Tim Tebow while the Broncos and the Jets tried to iron out a deal that had Tebow and a 7th round pick going to New York in exchange for a 4th and 6th round picks coming from the Jets.

In the end, it worked out for the teams involved, but it’s hard to tell what the trade does to the Jets as a team.

The Jets are a peculiar team to say the least. Their head coach spouts on and on about being a great team even though his team is slightly above average. They have a quarterback that no one thinks will succeed within the city, yet they just gave him a contract extension and brought in two people that could compete for the starting job. To put the proverbial cherry on the Jets’ sundae of incompetence, Tim Tebow’s personality doesn’t mesh in any way with Rex Ryan’s.

It’s hard to tell what kinds of packages the Jets will use when they put in Tebow. They’ll have to let him pass some, because if they don’t, teams will know to load up on the run when he comes into the game. If he throws well when he’s in the game, there’d be no reason to continue starting Mark Sanchez. Sanchez is also being paid too much money to be a backup, so if the Jets decide that Tebow’s their starter, the Jets have to cut Sanchez.

There’s a lot of time between now and the beginning of the season, but at a time when the Jets should be doing all they can to settle their team and their fans down, they’re bringing in one of the most polarizing figures in sports and putting unneeded pressure on incumbent quarterback Mark Sanchez.

Shane Clemons

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