Johnson, Ryan disagreement sets the stage for a clash

The New York Jets are the definition of dysfunction, and the circus is only getting better as time moves forward.

In an interview on CNBC, Woody Johnson made a plethora of comical remarks that should raise our eyebrows, but more specifically, he said of the possibility of hanging on to Tim Tebow, "He's going to be with us for three years."

Meanwhile, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily was asking Rex Ryan about the long-term future of Tim Tebow. Ryan didn't exactly support the idea that Tebow would be with the Jets over the long haul, saying,

"When we traded for Tim, we understood his contract situation. We brought him in because we think Tim’s a good football player. With that being said – and this goes for any player – we think the guys will be with us throughout the length of the contract, but if, you know… there’s no guarantee there that if there’s , you know, whatever, an opportunity to help your football team…. If we see fit…. whatever’s in the best interest of our team… I guess no player is totally guaranteed that they’ll be there. But clearly he’s a guy that we thought a lot of and that’s why we traded for him. And still think a lot of."

Ryan went on to say that Mark Sanchez is the Jets' starting quarterback for the Jets' upcoming game against the Colts this weekend, but he wouldn't speculate beyond that. Johnson, on the other hand, gave Mark Sanchez a relatively strong endorsement of Sanchez as the Jets' starter, pointing out that Sanchez is still young and still the talented quarterback the Jets saw before they pulled the trigger on drafting him.

So, where do these contradicting statements leave us? They leave us in a state of hopeful anticipation. The Jets season could still turn around for the better, but if it does take a nose dive, as I think it could, the ensuing firestorm could be one of the more comical episodes of coach, owner fighting we've seen since the late Al Davis took on Raiders former head coach Lane Kiffin.

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