Kansas City Chiefs are in hot water

Week 2 and 3 are some of the most interesting weeks of the NFL season. It's at this point in the year that fanbases begin to realize that their team may not be what they thought they had. On the other hand, some teams are stunning everyone by getting off to a quick start. No one is dead in the water yet, but this is the time of the season when panic begins to spread.

That statement is truer in no other place than Kansas City, where the Chiefs are stuck at 0-2 with expectations plummeting by the day.

The Chiefs problems actually began a year ago. They missed the playoffs in 2011, but there was a very strong perception that a rash of injuries was responsible for their poor play. It's beginning to appear that's not entirely true.

Fast forward to today. Fans, analysts, coaches and members of the front office now have to come to terms with an uncomfortable reality. The Chiefs just aren't as talented as many thought they were. They play in a division with at least two superior teams.

After their blowout loss to the Falcons in week 1, we may have thought their woes occurred in one isolated incident. After being blasted by the Buffalo Bills, there seems to be some very real problems for the Chiefs.

Week 2 of the NFL season may be too early to panic, but with the Saints, Chargers and Ravens showing up in consecutive weeks on the horizon, it just may be time to go ahead and hit the button.

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