Miami makes sense for Chad Ochocinco

Chad_OchocincoIt’s hard to say how long Chad Ochocinco will be a free agent after being cut by the New England Patriots. There’s a lot of wide receiver needy teams that could use a veteran guy that knows what playing the position is all about, and the Miami Dolphins are at the top of that list.

The Dolphins current wide receiving unit is composed of young guys with a lot to prove and little past records as producers. Jeff Ireland has indicated that he may not bring in a veteran at the position, but I have to believe he’s reconsidering that with Ochocinco on the market. Playing with a group of unproven receivers is asking for trouble, and the Dolphins can’t be reliant on Ryan Tannehill, a rookie quarterback mind you, to bail out his receivers. That’s just too much pressure on a young signal caller, and the combination of a young quarterback with unproven receivers could prove to be too much for the Dolphins to overcome on offense.

Ochocinco is looking for one last place to go before ending his successful, and often controversial, NFL career. South Beach offers the veteran a lot more than just a football home. Great weather year round and fans that would be thrilled to have him are just a couple of perks to making the move to Miami. It’s hard to tell where he’ll land, but I’d be nothing short of stunned if he hasn’t received any calls from Jeff Ireland yet.

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