Morning Huddle – Bountygate ends this week (probably)

So that’s why the NFL won’t release the Bountygate evidence.

Later today, Roger Goodell will hear the final appeals of four players punished by the league for their involvement in Bountygate. Goodell will almost certainly decide to uphold his own punishment, and we will finally be able to put the scandal in our rear view mirror, hopefully by the end of the week. The NFLPA fought for the players involved, saying Goodell shouldn’t be the man hearing the appeals, but that battle has already been lost. Now it’s finally time for Goodell to reiterate his ruling one more time, and this case will be closed forever.

With Rashard Mendenhall likely missing the first part of the 2012 season, the Steelers running attack will be dependent on backup running back Isaac Redman. Although he’s been used very sparingly, Redman has showed flashes as Mendenhall’s backup, and the Steelers are optimistic that Redman will be able to fill in for Mendenhall while he’s out. Redman is a hard runner and tough to tackle. There’s no real reason he can’t keep the Steelers’ running attack on track early in the season.

If you’re like most NFL fans, you had no idea the AFL (Arena Football League) was in the middle of a labor dispute. Much like the NFL last year, the AFL had planned a lockout following off and on strikes, but it seems that won’t be necessary. According to the league, a new collective bargaining agreement has been agreed upon, and it will be signed by the AFL and its players this Wednesday.

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