Morning Huddle – Brees still confident about getting a long-term deal

Yeah. This guy is good.

Drew Brees is still confident that the Saints will be able to present an offer that meets his criteria for a long-term contract. In the meantime, his absence from team activities continues to be a story line for the Saints. The two sides need to get the fine details of the contract worked out as soon as possible so Brees can rejoin his teammates and let the Saints try to move on from a nightmare of an offseason.

A former Baylor basketball player reportedly tried to extort money from 2012 2nd overall draft pick Robert Griffin III. As the report goes, Griffin either would pay the former basketball player or that person would release derogatory information about Griffin. Here’s the problem with that plan, is there any verifiable information that exists that would paint Griffin to be a bad person? Sure, we all do dumb things from time to time, but I have a feeling that such information would be mostly misleading.

Sarah Donovan thinks Dolphins outspoken tight end Anthony Fasano may not be long for Miami’s roster. The argument here isn’t that the Dolphins are upset with Fasano but that the tight end doesn’t fit well into a west coast offense. No official statement has been made regarding the final starting lineup or Fasano’s future, but it appears that Fasano may not be perfect for the Dolphins’ new offensive system.

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