Morning Huddle – Dez Bryant or Miles Austin

The catch above was very good, not great, but do you notice that Darrelle Revis had the coverage? Yeah. Dez Bryant could be great.

There’s a battle for the top receiving slot in Dallas. Dez Bryant has the potential to be a great receiver in the NFL, but he’s not proven like his teammate Miles Austin. Ideally, Bryant is able to win the top spot. That would mean the Cowboys are getting the most out of their rising star. Still, don’t count Austin out. He’s made his career on coming out of nowhere, and there’s no reason he couldn’t do it again.

Bengals cornerback Adam Jones was ordered to give $11 million to two strip club employees who were injured by a gunman back in 2007 who claimed Jones was giving him directions. Jones’ career has been marked by repeated off field troubles, but he’s certainly not in as much trouble as often at this point in his career as he was five years ago. This is one chapter of his life I’m sure he’d just like to move on from.

Bryant McKinnie is having trouble staying in shape — again. The Baltimore Sun reported that McKinnie missed the opening of the Ravens’ mandatory minicamp due to concerns about his conditioning. Those same concerns ultimately cost him his starting job as the Vikings’ left tackle, and it seems his conditioning woes aren’t completely behind him. Players have to be able to stay in shape during the offseason to truly be ready for the start of training camp and the regular season. Coming into camp overweight is unacceptable.

Shane Clemons

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