Morning Huddle – Favre, Packers reunion will happen in time

We joke about Brett Favre a lot, but this guy was one of the best.

Brett Favre left Green Bay in about the worst possible way. He had retired, then he decided to comeback. That didn’t sit well with the Packers who were moving on with Aaron Rodgers as their starting quarterback. The episode culminated when the Packers traded Favre to the Jets, ending his run as the Packers’ starting quarterback. Mike Sherman, Favre’s head coach in Green Bay for six seasons, thinks the two sides will eventually reconcile and be able to celebrate Favre’s career. I agree, but that’ll come in good time.

Matt Forte’s contract situation is still, well, unresolved. The running back will almost certainly sign his franchise tender (worth $7.749 million) eventually, but he’s sending a message to the Bears organization that he simply isn’t happy without a long term deal. The Bears have to be careful here too. Forte will sign his tender eventually, but nothing would be stopping him from leaving Chicago following the 2012 season. He’s a great running back, and the Bears need to get him locked into a long term deal.

David Garrard has been working with Miami’s first team offense during minicamp, and that may mean he’s the frontrunner to be their starting quarterback. The fact that he’s doing well in Miami shouldn’t surprise anyone. With the Jaguars, he was a solid starting quarterback. He never had serviceable wide receivers, and the Jaguars’ defense at the end of his run in Jacksonville was terrible. Last year, he was cut just prior to the start of the regular season. It was only later that we found out about his back injury. He’ll only get one shot at resurrecting his career, and so far, it appears he’s making the most of it.

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