Morning Huddle – Gronkowski wasting good drinks

Maybe Rob Gronkowski should learn the concept of drinking.

Apparently Rob Gronkowski never learned the concept of a “party foul.” Apparently the Patriots tight end has taken to pouring drinks on the ladies. There’s no shame in doing something stupid at a party (I’m guessing most of us have done something dumb), but drinks are called drinks for a reason. You drink them. End of story.

Maurice Jones-Drew will be skipping a mandatory three day mini camp according to Adam Schefter, allowing the Jaguars to fine him up to $60,000. The Jaguars have made it clear that Jones-Drew will not get a new deal before the end of his contract (if ever). I’m just waiting on the moment to come when Maurice Jones-Drew demands a trade. At this rate, that situation is becoming more and more likely.

On the lighter side of things, Vince Young is suing his agent, claiming the agent stole a large sum of money from $54 million contract he had with the Tennessee Titans. The Titans will probably be keeping an eye on the lawsuit, and for good reason. Should Young win the case, the Titans should look to sue Young for stealing a large sum of money from them. Those losses fall somewhere in the $54 million range.

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