Morning Huddle – Manning looking good in camp

Even Peyton Manning makes a mistake from time to time.

We’re all closely watching the Broncos to see how Peyton Manning’s rehab is coming along, and Pete Prisco likes what he sees from the future Hall of Famer. The fact that Manning is still impressing everyone isn’t surprising to me. I’ve watched him nearly every weekend for over a decade, and he still surprised me as recently as two seasons ago when his team was nothing short of terrible. I fully expect him to be in the discussion for MVP in 2012.

Jerry Jones is willing to put in a good word for Terrell Owens as “a friend,” but he’s not willing to sign Owens to his own team. This is one of those cases where Jones is being a true class act, but I think every NFL executive realizes that Terrell Owens can’t perform on the field the way he used to, and his attitude may not have changed since leaving the league. Some team may take a chance on him, but his options are extremely limited.

According to the Associated Press, Mike McCarthy and Jeff Saturday, a member of the NFLPA’s executive committee, aren’t sure what exactly violates the “no contact” rule of the CBA. Now stay with me on this because my rationale may blow your mind, but shouldn’t a member of the NFLPA’s executive committee know exactly what constitutes a violation? Knowing that Saturday is always on top of his game, it seems to me that the rule is entirely to ambiguous to the point of being unenforceable. Maybe the NFL and NFLPA need to think about revising this one, because it’s clear that the rule is far too vague in its definition of excessive contact.

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