Morning Huddle – putting a franchise on the British Isles

Even if the NFL puts a team in England, Wayne Rooney will still be king.

Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, is interested in putting an NFL franchise in England. The idea is intriguing to be sure, but there are a number of big flaws to work out. First, that team would have to travel far more than any other team in the league, putting them at a major disadvantage. It’s also almost certain that doing so would cause more travel nightmares than most players and coaches are accustomed to. Still, it’ll probably happen eventually, although the NFL may want to think about tapping into Canadian markets before going overseas.

The players’ votes are in, and Aaron Rodgers has been picked as the NFL’s best player of 2012. In my mind, Rodgers is a great quarterback, but he’s not the best player in the NFL. In this generation alone, there are more innovative quarterbacks that do things no one else could dream of doing. Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are two examples of this. Still Rodgers deserves to be rated very highly, and being vote the best player in the league by your peers is nothing to sneeze at.

In this piece from Bill Barnwell, the perception of making the leap from irrelevance to Super Bowl contender status is analyzed. There’s a lot going on in the article, and it’s written very well. All in all, I agree with the premise that it’s crazy to begin saying teams are ready to make a Super Bowl run before we’ve actually seen them make such a run. The takeaway feeling is to be cautiously optimistic if you’re a fan of a team that’s perceived to be “ready.”

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