Morning Huddle – Romo is… elite?

Respect Mr. Witten. Respect.

Jason Witten is one of the most respected players in the league. Part of that may be because he’s willing to continue running down the field without a helmet, and part of that may come from his strong work ethic. Still, when he told the Abilene Reporter-News he thought Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was “elite,” I have to call BS. Romo hasn’t been able to win big games in his career, and he’s made a bad habit of throwing away games late in the 4th quarter. He’s a solid quarterback, but he isn’t elite.

You may recall a story about a young New York Giants fan sending $3.36 to Brandon Jacobs in an effort to help the Giants keep the running back. As you know, it didn’t work, but this story does have a happy ending. As Pro Football Talk reports, Jacobs sent the young fan a $5 bill (paying back the principal with interest of course), and treated the young fan to a couple hours at a bounce house of inflatable toys with Jacobs and his own son. Seems like the outspoken running back may even have a soft spot for kids.

Adrian Peterson’s knee injury may be the biggest concern for Minnesota Vikings fans. Peterson had reconstructive surgery on his injured knee just six months ago, and it’s a surgery that can up to an entire year to get back to full strength. Still, the Vikings, and Peterson himself, are hopeful that the star runner can get back on the field for most of the 2012 season. Even with those hopes, this isn’t something that should be rushed, and I think the Vikings fully understand the necessity of patience in this situation.

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