Morning Huddle – summer power rankings

Here’s a sneak peek of DeSean Jackson’s new rap album.

DeSean Jackson is coming out with a rap album. I don’t really know what else to say about the matter. I’m not a fan of rap in general, but I like it even less when it’s coming from an NFL player. I understand that Jackson may love the idea, but it’s highly unlikely he’ll further his name as an artist. He earned his fame on the football field, and that’s probably where it’ll stay. Probably.

Yesterday, Gil Brandt of came out with some very questionable power rankings. Now I realize that this is just the offseason, but Brandt has the Eagles at 3rd, the Bengals at 15th, the Titans at 24th, and the Jaguars dead last at 32nd. With those rankings, I’m not sure we can even call them “power rankings” so much as “offseason predictions.”

The Baltimore Ravens aren’t sure if star safety Ed Reed will play in 2012. Apparently, head coach John Harbaugh hasn’t even spoken to Reed recently. Reed has been contemplating retirement for a few years now, but he doesn’t string his team out like a certain player that retired a few different times at the end of his career *cough* Brett Favre *cough*. Still, the Ravens need to start thinking about prying a definitive answer out of Reed. The season is starting to creep up on us, and the safety position is essential in today’s pass happy league.

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