New York Giants News Digest, July 14 Edition: Small change drove Brandon Jacobs away

Brandon Jacobs

Brandon Jacobs says his departure from the Giants was a matter of chump change. “It was just money, that’s all it was, a couple hundred thousand [dollars],” Jacobs told Jim Rome in a radio interview this week.

Asked if it was “just a couple hundred thousand bucks” then why didn’t they want him back, Jacobs replied, “You would think so.”

Reports don’t say if Rome asked, “If it’s a couple of hundred thousand bucks, why didn’t you stay?”

Jacobs’ yards per rushing attempt in 2011 fell below 4.0 for the second time in three seasons. He was still a productive scorer with 7 touchdowns. He signed a one-year contract with the 49ers where he will compete to back-up Frank Gore.

Super Bowl hero Victor Cruz thinks Tim Tebow’s stay with the New York Jets will be “intense.” What’s Cruz’ over/under on the number of Tebow’s starts with the Jets? Mine is six.

Greg Jennings confirmed that the Giants were the better playoff team last January. We saw that last January, or course. Jennings is the first Packers player to declare it. The underdog Giants beat both the NFC favorites Packers and 49ers in their house to bully New York’s way to the Super Bowl.

Eli Manning believes there was a bounty system going on with the New Orleans Saints. “I think Goodell and the NFL made the right decision.” captured Manning’s thoughts on the matter.

The Manning brothers grew up in the New Orleans area after their dad, Archie, settled there following his career as Saints quarterback. The Saints visit the Giants December 9. Manning would be the natural target of a bounty system, which no longer exists, of course.

Free agent TE Martellus Bennett was something of a butterball at 296 lbs. when the Giants signed him. Bennett dropped to 275 lbs. during offseason workouts with a target of 265 lbs. by training camp, writes Andy Furman for the Ultimate NYG blog. Bennett and his trainer are working on his hands so that he drops fewer balls.

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