NFL week 5 rock stars

As Week 5 is now in the books, teams are starting to form identities and we are starting to get a clearer idea of what certain teams are all about. Despite 1 or 2 games there weren't any major surprise this week however we did see the maturity of a raising star and a clear favorite for the DPOY have another dominating performance.

Andrew Luck – 31/55 362 yards 2TD's 1 INT – 24 rush yards 1 TD –  A star is born by Jay Z 

Well it's not really fair to say a star is born because Luck has been a stud since Stanford however this week was Andrew Luck's true coming out party as he led the Colts to a huge W, out dueling Aaron Rodgers in the process.
Luck rallied his troops down 21-7 at halftime and brought his team all the way back. Luck was the true stud everyone thought he would be so far and has many thinking Indy might have actually found the next Peyton Manning.
Reggie Wayne – 13 rec 212 yards and 1 TD – Old Man by Neil Young
Wayne 33 years young can still ball, like a bottle of wine Wayne might have even got better with age. Wayne has been there every step of the way for Andrew Luck acting as the true number 1 option for the rookie. Wayne continues to make circus catches and having no problem getting open.
JJ Swat – Complete domination of a game –  Knocc Em Down by Snoop Dogg 
After JJ Swat batted down every thing in sight on the last snap of the play after he had his 3 broken up pass said " You can't throw the ball over my head ". Watt has been fantastic this year and is by far and away the favorite to land DYOP.
Ahmad Bradshaw – 30 rushes 200 yards 1TD – 29 yards Rec – Run to the Hills by Iron Maiden 
Bradshaw started off the Sunday with a fumble that led to 7-0 for the Browns, from that point on there was no looking back for Bradshaw who had his best game on the ground of his career. Bradshaw showed fresh quick legs and finally got started the running game that the Giants are in need of.
Honorable mentions: Percey Harvin, Arian Foster, Brandon Marshall, Bears D, Drew Brees, Alex Smith
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