Not everyone has been signed yet

It’s now June 1st, free agency has come and gone, the draft is sadly over and training camps are beginning to start up around the league. The buzz around the league this time of year is usually of rumored hold outs of running backs or Darrel Revis.

That being said with most teams having filled their needs through the draft or free agency, there are still a couple of notable names without homes.

While at this point these players will now have to fight for a roster spot, or wait for an injury, a lot of players aren’t quite ready to call it quits for their NFL careers yet.

Here are a couple of the notable free agents left.

1) Cedrick Benson

Benson who quickly approaching 30 years old still believe he has a little left in the tank to contribute. Despite having a bit of a case of fumble-itis with 12 fumbles the past 2 season, Benson is coming off 2 1’000 yards + seasons as well as 6 plus TD’s in both of his last two seasons with the Bengals.

While Benson might not be starting material anymore it is somewhat surprising he hasn’t been able to even find a roster spot. Benson could make for a serviceable backup or role playing back.  Benson might have lost a bit off his step but surely would be one of the leagues better backups should he find a role. Benson is a more attractive option then other free agent option Ryan Grant.

2) Braylon Edwards

It is both shocking and well not so shocking that Braylon Edwards remains unemployed. Braylon has all the talent and size required to be a solid receiver in this league and he has been at times however his character and work ethic have always held him back.

His very lackluster year in San Francisco has scared teams away, that being said I would be shocked if Braylon doesn’t land himself on a roster this season. Braylon seems pretty upbeat judging by his twitter timeline so maybe its Braylon waiting for the right match but that seems unlikely. Braylon is more than capable to contributing to a team as a WR3 or even WR2.

3) Plaxico Burress

Once one of the league’s elite WR now Plax is struggling to find a job. Plax is not ready to hang up the cleats just yet as he has already made it public he would like to play this year, including a comment saying he would love a tryout with the Dolphins, although they weren’t interested as noted in an earlier article this month.

It doesn’t appear either New York team would like to reunite with the diva WR, however Burress can still provide help to a team that needs a big target in the red zone. Burress led the league in red zone targets last year while scoring 8 touchdowns last season.

It is probably a 50/50 venture right now whether Plax will find himself on a roster.

4) Marcus McNeil and Jim Leonhard

Both players have had solid NFL careers, McNeil especially who has made a pro bowl trip. Both players have struggled staying healthy and is most likely the reason the why they haven’t made their ways onto NFL rosters.

While McNeil is the more likely of the 2 to find a role on a roster this season, if either can prove to be and stay healthy, they can provide depth to any NFL team.

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