Osi Umenyiora: “when im 45 there is a strong chance il be in a wheelchair”

Yesterday I wrote that Cris Carter may become the voice of reason in the concussion debate. It would seem that one of the antagonists to reason and logic may be Osi Umenyiora who voiced his agreement with Kurt Warner about concerns over health concerns resulting from repeated hits to the head. Umenyiora didn’t stop there. He also said that he thought he may end up in a wheel chair on his Twitter account.

To say that Umenyiora’s comments are likely to be off base would be an understatement. He was trying to make a point with those comments, but they don’t add any helpful commentary to the debate.

Despite the exaggerated outlook displayed by Umenyiora, his message is still a pointed one. There’s a perception that players have no hope at leading a normal life after football, and that’s simply not true. Players, team doctors, coaches, and even the owners are more conscious than ever about the risks of head injuries, and the owners are currently going the extra mile to ensure that players on the field are as safe as possible. Yes, there’s the possibility that Umenyiora may find himself in a wheelchair when he’s 45 years old, but I wouldn’t call that possibility a “strong chance” in any way shape or form.

Shane Clemons

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