Overrated teams of the NFL

Every year, we put great expectations on a handful of teams, and inevitably, some of those teams fall flat. This is a list of those teams that fall flat consistently over a period of multiple seasons. Why make this list? I want to warn you before you put all your faith in a team that will almost certainly let you down. Now, right to it.

San Diego Chargers

Every year the Chargers are picked to win their division and make a run at the Lombardi Trophy, and every year, they suffer a collapse. Is it possible that the Chargers just aren’t as talented as we think they are? Maybe our expectations are just too high. Regardless of the reasons, the Chargers continue to disappoint us year in and year out. Considering Peyton Manning’s arrival in Denver, I see no reason why this will change in 2012.

Dallas Cowboys

Like the Chargers, the Cowboys have chronically disappointed their fans over the past couple of years. Also like the Chargers, the Cowboys are believed to be a very talented team. In the same way, I would suggest that the team may not be as talented as we think they are. Maybe the Cowboys are just not able to live up to unrealistic expectations.

New York Jets

The Jets are on this list because I think last season was indicative of things to come for the Jets. I do think Mark Sanchez will be their starting quarterback for the duration of the season, but he’s not a great trigger man. Their locker room may still be dysfunctional in 2012, and I’m not sure Rex Ryan is able to get everything under control.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are expected to do big things in 2012, but I’m just not seeing it. Everyone believes they have the talent to win 10 or 11 games, but I don’t think they have a quarterback that can get it done. Matt Cassel is a decent starter, but he’ll need to be closer to being very good to get the Chiefs into the postseason, especially with Peyton Manning and the Broncos looking to dominate the AFC West.

Chicago Bears

The Bears have too many glaring problems on their team to make a postseason run from the NFC North. Jay Cutler hasn’t grown into the star franchise quarterback they had hoped he would be; although he has been very good for them at times. Their offensive line is largely to blame for this, and I’m not convinced they’re actually getting any better. Throw on the fact that the Lions and the Packers are both high-powered teams that should win a lot of games, and the Bears are on the outside looking in.

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