Pick of the week: Redskins (+6.5) at Giants

All aboard the hype wagon!

Well maybe it isn’t hype anymore, now that RGIII has gone out and proven to not only be the greatest thing to ever happen to Dan Snyder, but a generational talent that the league has quickly embraced. 

So this week he takes his the Redskins to face the world champion Giants fresh off his defining moment scampering down the sidelines to seal last weeks victory against the Vikings. Will he be able to keep the momentum going against Eli’s high-powered attack? Or will this be the let down game after an emotional week and increased media scrutiny?

With RGII at the controls, the Skins have been putting points in bunches, being held to under twenty points just once this year at the hands of the Falcons. The Vikings were supposed to be a feared defensive unit, and he ran and threw all over them. The Giants have a great pass rush that everyone is familiar with, but if contain can be broken, there could be holes in the second level that Roberto can take advantage of.

The Giants allow 4.7 yards per carry on the ground, and over 100 yards per game, so the mixture of RG and Alfred Morris could find some holes and expose an over anxious Giants pass rush that is surely chomping at the bit to get their hands on the rookie sensation.

Six and a half points is one of those tempting lines. It could so easily be a seven point game and this is all for naught. Frustrating like no other. You pray for that line to move the extra half point, or even the full point like the Thursday night game. But it looks locked in at six and a half, and even a hard six in some places, so we will take what we can get this week.

The Giants can put up points, we know that. Victor Cruz is a scoring machine, and despite Hakeem Nicks’s lingering injury issues, the other weapons at Eli’s disposal have been stepping up in a big way as of late. The running attack is beaten up as well, but if rookie David Wilson can get a seam, he is able to break long runs without breaking a sweat.

We should be in for a shootout, and RGIII will have to do his best to keep his team in it. The Giants defense played off of a lot of the 49ers receivers last week and they shut down the plays down the field. But San Fran and Washington run very different attacks, so do not expect Antrel Rolle to be able to bait RGIII into throwing lazy picks down the middle like Alex Smith did.

Much of this game could come down to the Redskins offensive line. Trent Williams needs to be a force on the left side protecting RG. If Trent can give him even an extra half second in the pocket to make a throw or pull it down and scramble, it could be enough for an extra score or two.

The Redskins have gone about their business is a very effective and efficient way so far this season. RGIII has been accurate and has been turning the ball over at a rate well below the league average. But they have got a shred of good luck to go along with it. They have a +9 turnover differential but have fumbled the ball eight times but recovered all of them except one. But they are the fourth highest scoring team in the league going up against the third highest scoring team.

If RGIII secures the ball and does not make a crucial game changing mistake, the Redskins have a chance to stay in this game and possibly pull off a big road upset to keep their momentum going. Eli can pick apart any defence, so the pressure will be on the rookie pivot making his first visit to the Meadowlands. Here's to the hype wagon.

Pick of the week record: 3-3.

After reeling off three straight wins, the Colts decided to do a vanishing act and allow the Jets of all people to run all over them. While Luck and Indy are much better at home, few were expecting the full on blowout that they took at the hands of Sanchize. Here it to hoping we get back on board the train this week with a different rookie this time around.