Pick of the week: Vikings (-1.5) at Colts


While we watch every move that Andrew Luck makes in his rookie season, and endlessly compare every throw he makes to Peyton, many of the Colts deficiencies will go overlooked.

Sure Luck is a great player, but much of his week one success was in garbage time against the Bears. Reggie Wayne is still as consistent as they come, and Coby Fleener is a great safety blanket, but without much in the way of a running game or a defence, the Colts struggles are inevitable.

On the other side we have the Vikings. After little was expected of AD until a few weeks into the season, he put the league on notice with his week one performance. Christian Ponder has a year of experience under his belt and a group of weapons that can put up points in a hurry.

When Percy Harvin made the jump from Florida, we were all familiar with his game breaking skills, but the battle was always to find a way to get the ball into his hands. Now it seems as if the Vikings are committed to giving him touches out of the back field to go along with his pass catching ability and return skills.

Kyle Rudolph is another player that is emerging in a hurry. After playing second fiddle in his rookie campaign, the tight end out of Notre Dame has developed a rapport with Ponder that could soon have him mentioned as a second tied tight end in the league.

Quite simply, the Vikings are loaded with talent, and there is no reason to believe that the Colts can do anything to stop them. They gave up 41 points to a potent Bear attacks, and with Dwight Freeney out for the week, one of the few playmakers on the defensive side of the ball for the Colts will be watching from the sidelines.

This will be Luck's first game in the house that Peyton built, and there will be a decent amount of hype and expectation for the event, but a point and a half simply isn't enough to save their day.

Anthony Castonzo will have to play the game of his life if he hopes to keep Luck upright all game with Jared Allen bearing down on the pass rush. Aside from Antoine Winfield on the island, the rest of the Vikings defence is not so intimidating that Luck will struggle as badly as he did in week one, but the Minnesota prevent should be enough to keep the game within arms reach.

Take the Vikings on the road and give the point and a half. You have not heard the last of the Vikings potent offence.   

Pick of the Week record: 0-1. It was ugly in the Jets-Bills game. Seems as if the Jets preseason really didn't matter and the Bills have more issues than anyone thought.