Plaxico Burress thinks Carson Palmer has one of the best deep balls in the league

Plaxico Burress is a tough receiver to defend. He’s a big guy with that can play the ball well in the air, and he has solid hands, yet he still hasn’t been signed. That won’t stop him from trying to get the attention of teams around the league.

His latest effort came in the form of paying Oakland Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer a major compliment, telling SiriusXM NFL Radio, “I’ve always thought that Carson Palmer has been one of the best deep-ball throwers in all of football since I can remember. They do have some great talent over there in Darrius Heyward-Bey and Louis Murphy. I think those guys are only going to get better with Carson.”

While Burress didn’t come straight out and say that he would like to go to Oakland, he did sound like a guy that sees some possibility in going to Northern California. Burress could be an asset in Oakland too. The Raiders could certainly use a veteran receiver in the lineup, but Burress’ past may keep him from being signed. Setting aside the incident in which Burress shot himself with a gun he was illegally carrying, Burress is perceived as a player with an attitude. It’s possible that no teams want to subject their rosters to a guy with a big ego. That’s not saying that Burress couldn’t work out well in a place like Oakland, but it’s telling that no team has taken the plunge on such a big playmaker.

While Burress waits for the phone to ring, he’s likely staying in shape, hoping that his NFL playing days aren’t over. He may have to take less money than he would like to get, however. The NFL is a young man’s game, and older receivers looking for work don’t exactly warrant much interest from teams looking to grow younger and more talented.

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