Proposed New York bill aims to curb fan drinking

Two New York legislators would like to slow down alcohol consumption at Ralph Wilson Stadium by allowing beer to be purchased at concession stands an hour earlier than current state law allows.

Yeah. You read that right. To limit alcohol consumption at games, New York law makers want to allow fans to buy beer earlier in the day, and the idea might actually make sense.

The logic here is that allowing fans inside the stadium to by beer earlier, the team can better regulate exactly how much alcohol fans consume. Current New York state law allows beer concessions to begin being sold at noon on Sundays. The bill was not passed before the state legislature took its summer recess, but it’s likely that it’ll be looked at when the legislators return this fall.

While the bill is intended to help out sporting venues, specifically the Bills, it’s unclear how the law would affect other businesses outside the sporting world. In its current form, it’s doubtful that the law would be passed, but that wouldn’t leave the idea dead in the water.

Another alternative to the proposed bill would be to amend the current state law to include exemptions, most notably, Ralph Wilson Stadium and the Bills. In that scenario, an amendment would still affect local businesses around Ralph Wilson Stadium, but it would not have any ill effects throughout the rest of the state. As I’m a guy that likes my beer, I’ll be keeping my ears tuned in for any news on the matter later this year.

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