Ray Rice won’t find the contract he wants with the Ravens

Ray_RiceRay Rice hasn’t been quiet about believing he’s one of the NFL’s best running backs, and he’s also been vocal about his intentions to be paid as a top back. Anytime a player is as public as Rice has been, there is friction that is created between the team and the player. In all reality, players are probably best served by quietly asking their team for the best contract possible, but that’s not most players’ style.

Ray Rice was the recipient of the Ravens’ franchise tag in early march. The star running back has yet to sign his tender, and according to Sal Paolantonio, Rice isn’t going to get the type of contract he thinks he deserves.

Paolantonio said in talking to a Ravens official about reports that Rice wants a contract similar to that of Adrian Peterson or even Chris Johnson, the official said, “That is simply not going to happen.”

In case you’re curious, Peterson’s deal was a seven year contract worth $100 million with $36 million guaranteed, and Johnson’s deal was a six year $56 million contract with $30 million guaranteed. Based on Sal Paolantonio’s report, Ray Rice can keep dreaming about making that type of money.

In this case, the Ravens have far more leverage than Rice. Eventually, Rice will have to sign his tender and join his team. By dragging out the process, he’s giving the Ravens more reasons to not give him a favorable deal, and other teams will take notice if Rice becomes a problem for Baltimore. The Ravens won’t give him the monster contract he wants, and no other team would take that plunge either. Rice’s best course of action, in my opinion, is to sign his tender and continue talks with the Ravens about a long-term deal.

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