Report linking Tebow trade talks to the Jaguars pulled

At some point at least once per year, the Jacksonville Jaguars are linked to Tim Tebow. During the offseason, Tebow was seemingly traded to the Jets before the deal nearly collapsed, bringing the Jaguars into play. It never worked out for the Jaguars, and Tebow was shipped to New York. Once again, the Jaguars have been linked to Tim Tebow by a report that came out today — kind of.

A report by Steve Wrigley of and WAPE 95.1 is no longer posted, and the website is seemingly backtracking on Wrigley's report that the Jaguars were looking into the possiblity of trading for the local star.

One of the primary reasons consistently cited by fans and members of the media alike in favor of bringing Tebow to Jacksonville in an effort to sell tickets. The theory has been kicked around since Tebow entered the league, and any effect Tebow would have on ticket sales would be minimal. The better way to sell tickets would simply be to win games.

Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country reached out to "a few people" who have called the report "bogus."

It was exciting for some while the report lasted, but it doesn't seem as if Tim Tebow will be headed to play for the Jaguars any time soon.

Shane Clemons

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