Steelers players adjusting to Todd Haley’s offense

Todd_Haley_SteelersThere were plenty of mixed reactions around the Steelers organization and within its fanbase when Bruce Arians was forced out as the Steelers offensive coordinator. Even more eyebrows were raised when the Steelers brought in former Chiefs head coach Todd Haley as their new offensive coordinator. Ben Roethlisberger was one of Arians’ biggest supporters within the Steelers’ locker room, but in the end it didn’t matter. This is Todd Haley’s offense now, and early reports are all positive.

Teresa Varley of, the team’s official website, talked to some of the Steelers offensive players, and they were all very excited to be learning and absorbing Haley’s new system. Wide receiver Antonio Brown told Varley, “He has been making it simple for guys to understand. It’s been really fun. It was great to get out and start to run some of the plays. It’s going to be great when guys get on the same page and start executing it.

Emmanuel Sanders mirrored that sentiment, saying, “It’s going to be a good year. I am loving the offense right now. It’s based off of play action. We have a lot more of the offense to put in, but right now we are heading in the right direction.”

Many believed that the Steelers are attempting to get back to a run-first offensive scheme, something that had been marginalized over Arians’ time as the Steelers’ OC. It’s something that Todd Haley is known for, and it’ll add pressure to Isaac Redman, the Steelers current starting running back. Rashard Mendenhall will eventually pick up a larger role in the Steelers’ offense when he gets back on the field from his ACL injury.

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